We have improved upon the traditional Guide Boat Oarlock and here is how.
(1) The strap portion of the assembly has replaceable bronze Oilite bushings. No more replacing the whole strap! Buy one set in a lifetime. No more sloppy Oarlocks! The Oillite bushings are self lubricating. 
(2) The entire assembly (outside of the bushing) is constructed of 316 Stainless Steel. All of the flat stock used in the assembly is water jet cut and then TIG welded with precision alignment to ensure proper fit and operation. Your oars will silently pull like silk.
(3) The 1/2" stainless yoke pins have a machined groove to accept an e-ring retaining clip, so oars stay put and don't lift. They also allow portaging without removing and stowing the oars.
(4) The 3/16" stainless pin and e-clip that retain the oar to the lock don't have the tendency to bend during operation like its brass counterpart used on other oarlocks. Also being that the pin is not retained by mashing the ends over and uses a clip on the stainless pin, switching the oarlock to different oars is a piece of cake.
(5) Here is what you get. 4 Straps, 2 Yokes all hardware, including stainless wood screws for mounting.  Price $365 a set in matt finish. Add $140 for full polish