We are offering our 1922 Parson Guide Boat for sale. We have enjoyed owning this quintessential piece of Adirondack history. It is important to us that it go to the right new owner and there are those who we would not be willing to sell to. We have been the caretaker of this boat for some time since we purchased it from a member of The Adirondack League Club at Little Moose.
 The boat is #97 of the Parson Brothers. Built by Ben and Ira Parson, the boat is a very rare example of a ‘Raider’, as the standard Raider length was 13 ft. This boat is 12 ft.
 The boat is all original, down to its numbered seats and carrying yoke. The oars are not numbered but believed to be the originals. We have never had the boat in the water as we consider this as a museum piece and care for it as such. The boat is in very nice condition and we have enjoyed it as a focal piece in our home. We are looking for someone who will consider it to be the same for them. $14,000 OBO.  Please contact Mark Anderson at 315-876-3700 or email me at