About Us

I had been in the motorcycle business for 30+ years. Building custom motorcycles had always been my passion, but 6 years ago it was time to change it up and build something else: what better than boats? Being that I have an unbreakable bond with The Adirondacks I chose the Adirondack Guide Boat.  I was lured by its historical significance and the pure genius of its form and function.  Like motorcycles I look at the guide boat as functional art. The original function of the guide boat was as a work boat built by those who guided for a living and built boats in the winter months of the late 1800's. These guides and builders shared their boat building knowledge and ideas with each other and eventually the guide boat became an instrument  of perfection. I saw an opportunity to join the ranks of those builders and strive to do them proud. I began with wood and perfected my craft and then it happened, the unthinkable, I developed an intolerance to western red cedar. I couldn't catch my breath.  Doctors told me that I had a decision to make. I said your kidding me right? I  spent my life's savings on setting this whole thing up!  I can't quit, I am to deep into this to quit. But, what is the saying, adversity is the mother of invention? So we went to work.  For the last 125 years builders have tried to improve on this perfection with little advantage, until now. I believe that our new Carbon Fiber/Kevlar GP16R is the biggest leap for the guide boat in the afore mentioned 125 years. We just dropped 15 pounds off a 16 foot guide boat to 49 pounds while maintaining its traditional wood decks and gunwales, and improving structural integrity and performance.  We have built a boat with the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship. We make no compromises or excuses in what we build. We build boats to stand up to the most brutal race conditions. Racing has always help to build better no matter what you use our boat for. We build boats to last the next 125 years.  We only build the best and nothing less.  Let us build a boat for you.